About Us

Our senior appraiser, Jens Lynderup, is appointed valuer by the Danish Court Administration.

Jens Lynderup has more than 20 years’ experience from the valuation and auction industry. Disposals (sales and auctions) are a major part of the activities of the company.

A large national and international network enables Maskinvurdering ApS to work on most cases, where special knowledge is required.

Special competence is in the medical industry, where Jens Lynderup has close to 10 years of experience with valuation of custom-made equipment, that will never be available on the open market.

The professional background is a MSc in Business Administration and International Marketing from Aarhus University (formerly Handelshøjskolen).

Jens Lynderup has previously developed a number of online auction system concepts for a number of Danish auction businesses (D.A.M. and KJ Auktion).

Jens Lynderup currently also works as a consultant and representative for auction companies. He has a lot of experience in on-site work, auction systems and equipment.

Jens Lynderup worked for the large auction business Goindustry-Dovebid, now part of Liquidy Services, as representative in Scandinavia.

Jens Lynderup also worked as country manager for PS Auction AB.

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